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Clive has been giving talks since February 2013 and these have been recorded. The first series was called 'Meeting Mr Gogus' - the mysterious impulse that determines the lives of those drawn to a more conscious life. There followed a series of meetings about 'The Psychological Life' that we normally lead and the crisis now confronting this civilisation. The escape from the psychological life was then explored in the 'Course in Conscious Living'. This was mapped out as the discovery of what it is to be a True Individual - including the consequences for any rational explanation of existence; the process of taking 'The Next Step' in order to allow the coming of the new; the recognition of how self-centred you are; the importance of standing your ground against the pull of the psyche; and finally how to be what you are more often than who you are.


'What Clive has to say is so new that it often needs several rounds of listening before it is heard. Every time something new is revealed. The recordings also have an energetic impact. Just be open and allow them to do their work. Clive's voice is full of life and he is amazingly able to find the right words to describe what he's communicating. Listening to him is like listening to the most powerful music!'
(Testimonial from a psychotherapist.)

Some of the recordings were made available in a limited way previously but are now more easily acquired through SendOwl as mp3 downloads. If you want the recording of a meeting you attended, you can apply for a half price discount by email. Those currently ready for you to listen to are as follows:


The End of the Psychological Life

An Introduction: Facing Reservations An evening talk at Pitsku Culture Church, Helsinki on 20 November 2015.
160 minutes. 10

Confronting Dread A Sunday afternoon talk at Pitsku Culture Church, Helsinki on 22 November 2015. Why we are scared of going into the dark, the black? What strategies can we use to overcome insecurity?
195 minutes. 10



The Course in Conscious Living

The Listening Being A meditation from a talk about being a True Individual. Recorded at The Friends Meeting House, Taunton on 10 April 2016.
26 minutes. 3

The End of Rationality This talk concluded an examination of rationality and its limitations for the evolution of consciousness. Why is there no improvement in the human condition, despite the advance of our civilisation? Can you reconcile yourself to a non-rational, more magical perception of life? Recorded at The Friends Meeting House, Taunton on 11 December 2016.
162 minutes. 10

Standing Your Ground The last talk in the course. A summary of the main points and advice on how to resist the pull into the past and the future at The Friends Meeting House, Taunton on 16 July 2017.
160 minutes. 10



The Practice of Living More Consciously

As It Happens: Acceptance Facing up to self-centredness and the roots of the psychological life. Freeing yourself by accepting all you have been. An afternoon talk at The Friends Meeting House, Taunton on 24 September 2017.
135 minutes. 10


As It Happens: Allowing Change and the willingness to embrace it. Including meditations on being more spacious. An afternoon talk at The Friends Meeting House, Taunton on 26 November 2017.
155 minutes. 10





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