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An Introductory Course for Beginners

Discover what chi gung is. Learn the Shibashi Taichi form. Experience the benefit of this energising and relaxing form of exercise.

There are generally one or two courses a year. Please register your interest in the next opportunity by submitting the form below.

Course Details
This is an in-depth, immersive introduction to basic principles of chi gung. You will also learn the eighteen movements of a simple taichi form - Shibashi. The aim of the course is to give you a basic grounding in chi gung so that you can join Clive Tempest's regular classes, workshops and retreats. There are sit-down periods when Clive will explain more about what chi gung is and help you identify the 'energy architecture' of your own body. Various exercises are used to help you perceive your chi and discover the benefits of improved posture, balance and breathing. Attendance at all sessions is required. Numbers are limited to allow personal instruction.

The fee for the course is 95 plus the cost of lunch and is generally held in Taunton, Somerset.


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