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The Course in Conscious Living
A Weekend at Sopukka

16-18 March 2018
Friday 18.00 to Sunday 16.30

About the Course

The age-old search for spiritual freedom and fulfilment, self-realisation and enlightenment, is part of our collective past. But what was it all for? Is the world any more free? Are you? There is a continuing evolution in our collective consciousness, but only a few among us were ever able to catch the wave. Now we have reached a point where what was mystical, holy, remote and rare can be reduced to a simpler, more ordinary reality. If you can catch the wave of a new consciousness, you will find that there is nothing more to do but face life as it is and stop bothering yourself with doubt and anxiety. It is as simple and real as being what you are, accepting all that you have been, and giving your life to love.

I started talking in 2013 about this evolutionary change and how you can participate in it - how you can use your unique circumstances to make your own contribution and so live a more purposeful life. For the last three years, about once a month, I gave a talk in England about this collective shift we are making from living a psychological life to a more conscious one. These talks developed into what I called The Course in Conscious Living. I introduced some of the themes in talks at Pitsku and in the context of chi gung and nei gung practice during Workshops at Labbnas and Sopukka. But until now I have not delivered all the material in Finland. The weekend at Sopukka in March this year is my attempt to bring all the main themes into one coherent and simple message.

I will speak about five essential steps for moving out of the troublesome psychological life, engaging with your intelligence and connecting more consciously with love.

1. Discovering the role and importance of your guiding intelligence and your body intelligence.
2. Recognising the main features of your psychological life. Becoming a True Individual.
3. Accepting the limits of rationality and of grounding your intelligence both physically and psychically.
4. Confronting your various identities and their source.
5. Identifying the core of your self-centredness and learning to stand against the psychic pull of the past and the future.

— Clive Tempest


Booking Your Place

Fee: €170 (or €150 if booked before 1 February)
Two nights accommodation and meals: €200
(€10 single supplement if rooms available)
Non-residential charge for meals and use of the facility: €158

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(Vegetarian, fish and lactose-free are provided)

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Koulutuskeskus Sopukka,
Uusi Porvoontie 482, 01120 Västerskog,
Sipoo, Helsinki


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