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25-27 November 2016, Pitsku Culture Church, Helsinki

We can’t actually go backwards very easily. We are made to walk forward, naturally. But most people are always trying to go back psychologically, through thinking about good or bad times, or referring subconsciously to past pain or trauma. As this is not natural, most people live a stressful life.

At the current stage in the evolution of consciousness (that’s the going forward of the human being) we are trapped in psychological life and nothing is being allowed to change in the human condition. If you see that nothing is changing in you, it is because you have subconsciously agreed to stay trapped. Of course that may suit you and you can live with your inner frustrations and outer compromises. But do you really accept them as inevitable limitations on you or on your love?

Before we can walk forward easily, both as individuals and as the community of humanity, we have to get comfortable with being where we are. Where we stand. Being who we are, as we are, standing straight.

Basic chi gung exercises can bring you back from the psychological stance you normally adopt; ground you so you are less top-heavy and empty your head; connect you to the inner integrity that brings everybody (every body) to a point of stability and security.

There is an architecture in our bodies that allows life energy (chi) to support us in moving through daily existence. But because we are generally so top-heavy and psychological, most people stand, sit, lie down, stand up, walk and talk directed by the stress they put upon this ‘energy-architecture’ of the body. They feel the discomfort but don’t realise they are damaging their essential integrity. Chi gung encourages the body to manage the stress better by bringing you into alignment with this integrity.

A first step towards releasing yourself from the trap of the psychological life is to become more conscious of standing on your own two feet, being at ease in your body and taking responsibility for who you are – you who are standing there.

It follows that the stress and sources of frustration and compromise have to be faced. You have to discover what is important to you, of most value. And be willing to stop looking over your shoulder at what was, what might or should have been.

You will have to question your reasons and justifications for holding on to the past. You will have to question your attitudes to yourself and others and your expectations, hopes and ambitions. You will have to stop insisting on rational explanations for everything – especially in matters of love. You will have to start listening to the signals coming from your body, from your integrity, rather than giving attention to discussions, conversations and voices in your head.

Sooner or later, you reach a critical point and know there is no going back. You have to move on. The only question then is: Why? What is the purpose? There must be a purpose . . .

When you know your purpose, everything falls into place. The integrity of your body becomes aligned to the integrity of life.

Clive Tempest

Written for participants in the meetings at Pitsku, November 2016.



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