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The Hestercombe Chi Gung Group

At The Memorial Hall, Cheddon Fitzpaine, Taunton, Somerset TA2 8JY
Wednesday mornings

Beginners Shibashi
10 January - 14 February (6 weeks)
6 March - 10 April (6 weeks)
8 May to 12 June (6 weeks)
10 - 11am

Shibashi, a set of eighteen movements, is an excellent introduction to the principles of chigung and a starter practice in taichi. It's suitable for the active over 60s and brings health and mobility benefits relatively quickly and easily. It's the first set we learn in the Hestercombe Chigung Group. To learn the form with a basic degree of profiency usually takes about twelve classes. Then beginners are introduced to other chigung exercises and work on the movements of Shibashi to add more precision and flow. After about nine months to a year most students can perceive the chi circulating in their bodies. Increasingly they experience both the energising and relaxing effect of chigung. There's more about chigung and Shibashi here.

We are interested in recruiting more members to the group. There are usually opportunities for newcomers in January and September. We invite you to apply by writing to express your interest to

Training Day
Saturday 20 April
10.30am - 6pm
The Swan Centre, Stoke St Mary, Somerset, TA3 5DE

An opportunity to get a day's intensive tuition in the eighteen movements of Shibashi. This is intended for beginners, especially those who want to join the Wednesday morning classes starting on 8 May. It's also open to anyone who has previously learnt Shibashi and wants a refresher course.

Cost: £60 including a light lunch and refreshments.

Advanced Classes - Focus on Flow
10 January - 14 February (6 weeks)
6 March - 10 April (6 weeks)
11.15am - 12.30pm

These classes are for those who have previously done several chigung sets.

Classes in 2023 were about the essential components of various exercises - in the Shibashi Taichi set, The Marriage of Heaven and Earth and Dragon and Tiger Chigung. Now it's time to bring 'the parts into the whole', to integrate the exercises with more perception of chi moving the body.

This means focusing on transitions between movements in various sets, including Gods Playing in the Clouds. There has to be more integration of Dragon and Earth energies, focused on the dantien, with breathing exercises. Movement stimulates the flow of chi through the limbs but it's also important to experience chi moving while we are still so we also use Standing Like a Tree.

In the first six classes we learnt to increase the flow of chi with the three Cs - continuity, connectivity and cohesion. In the second six classes we further explore how to make use of these 'keys', using specific exercises. We continue with Standing Like a Tree, focus on the dantien and 'reverse breathing' to bring about the fourth C - chi consolidation.

In the second set of six classes we encouraged flow by working with reverse breathing and applying our intention, such as by circulating chi in the microcosmic orbit,’ and applying ‘reach and fold’. We used Heaven and Earth Chigung and particularly exercise three from Gods Playing in the Clouds. Ultimately, by experiencing the flow of chi in our own inner space and working in a circle, we were able to recognise the pulsing effect of the flow of chi in the space we shared.

Cost: £48 for six classes

Advanced Class - Fluent Chi
8 May to 12 June (6 weeks)
11.15am - 12.30pm

Fluency adding tai to chi,
Now we're creating harmony.

The 'language of chigung' has its own kind of grammar - built on our physical structures and moving parts. And it has a syntax, the harmonious application of essential elements of movement. Practising chigung is like learning a language. One day a language becomes so integrated in the experience of speaking that we're no longer monitoring our words. There's no translation going on. We’re fluent. What we say is precise and meaningful. Advanced chigung has that flow and precision.

The focus of the advanced group is on developing the perception of chi and its flow - recognising how this induces chi to circulate and become consolidated in the dantien. The flow of chi is recognised more easily when we know ourselves as spacious, moving freely. Standing Like a Tree, together with certain exercises derived from sets that the group already knows, plus some seated neigung, all contribute to bring about more fluency in the practice.

Cost: £48 for six classes / £32 for four classes in the second season.

Summer Practice
24 July to 14 August (4 weeks)

These are four practice sessions for anyone who knows Shibashi. We'll also do other exercises to 'open the energy gates' and move the chi with weight shifting, silk reeling and basic neigung. These classes may be in the hall or outside on the grass.

Cost: £32 for four classes.

Future Dates
Autumn Class: 25 September to 23 October
Winter Class: 13 November to 11 December

More About Chi Gung with Clive Tempest.
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Practising Presence

At The Swan Centre, Stoke St Mary, Somerset, TA3 5DE
2 June, 23 June, 28 July, 29 September, 27 October, 24 November
Sunday afternoons 2.30-5.30pm (the last three dates are provisional: to be confirmed)

These sitting sessions stimulate awareness and enhance perception. The purpose is to know your own presence in a space shared with others. There are internal energy exercises and periods of sitting in silence during the first half of the afternoon. After a teabreak Clive talks about the value of knowing your own presence and the benefits of living a more conscious life.

Cost: £15 a session including refreshments (£10 with discount scheme).
Online booking only.
Accommodation: The Swan Centre offers bed and breakfast. If you plan to stay overnight please contact us.
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Summer Chi Gathering in Finland

Residential Retreat
Labbnäs, Kimito, Finland
30 June - 4 July 2024
The annual visit to Labbnäs is at the end of June this year, when the sun will be in the sky until well into the night. It's a vitally energetic time in these latitudes, which supports us as we raise our chi and prepare to receive the presence of the new. The event starts with lunch on Sunday 30 June, but those who want a longer retreat can arrive on Saturday 29 June. This option is recommended for people travelling from abroad.

For more details and booking see

Read about previous Chi Gatherings at Labbnäs


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