Conscious Connections with Clive Tempest




A programme of four audio recordings:

1. Chi and the Body: How chi accumulates in your personal 'energy architecture'. 80 mins.
2. Chi and Wellbeing: The benefits and qualities of chi gung exercise. 57 mins
3. Chi and Space: The chi of nature and universal chi. 55 mins.
4. Chi and Intention: The practice of 'going vertical'. 27 mins.

It is recommended that you listen to each recording successively, over a period of a month, especially if you are taking beginners classes. And then go back and listen again from time to time. You will hear more that is meaningful to you as your practice becomes more advanced and your perception of chi develops. However long you have been doing the exercises, these recordings will add another dimension to your practice.

The whole programme, recorded in October and November 2019, is a bundle of four mp3s, over three and a half hours of listening, for a total price of 30.



The programme gives you a grounding in the principles encoded in chi gung and is a basis for your practice. The first mp3 is a live recording of a talk for beginners on the 'energy architecture of the body', with questions from the audience. As the body has a physical skeleton, so it has an energetic framework that supports the flow of chi in you. You need to know about this for your practice to be more than merely physical. You are taught the importance of right posture and how to stand rightly on the earth.

The other three mp3s are unscripted studio talks about what chi gung is and why we do it. What is chi? Where does it come from? How does it benefit our wellbeing? Is it good for mental health? How does chi gung differ from other forms of exercise, such as yoga? Is it like meditation? How does chi work in the body? Why are the movements of chi gung and taichi slow? What is the meaning of 'yin and yang'?

As the programme goes on and becomes more profound, you discover how chi works in all organic life and in the universe. You hear about the 'energy gates' of the body and how to take advantage of them. You begin to appreciate what it is to 'perceive the chi'. You are shown how chi serves us in fulfilling our intentions, if we direct it consciously and purposefully. And why it is that chi gung is so helpful in living more consciously, in leading a less psychological life. Finally you are instructed in the important practice of 'going vertical' - a powerful way of using your chi along with your intention to drop the tension of living.





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