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Finland 2012

'I use chi gung to introduce a more conscious way of living. I teach ways of connecting with the real you — an intelligence, a power, a love shining. It is always there for you to know it and be it. All you have to do is make that conscious connection . . .'

August 25-26 : Weekend Workshop : Majvik

How to bring more life to your body and more clarity to your life.

We need to engage new energy to work with ‘conscious connections’. Practising chi gung produces the necessary vitality and stillness of mind. This weekend we will start to unlock the real you.

We will learn shibashi taichi and make the essential conscious connection from within your body to the power of the sun and the earth.

The 18 movements of shibashi taichi are relatively easy to learn and are designed to stimulate and distribute chi throughout the body. They are suitable for all ages and varying degrees of fitness and can be adapted and done seated if you have limited mobility. You should be able to go away from this course able to do most if not all of the exercises at home. You will get increasing benefit from daily practice (10 to 20 minutes) and right from the start you may be surprised by the impact that these gentle exercises can have on you.

I will also be talking about the ancient knowledge revealed in chi gung and why it is so relevant to the evolution of consciousness now. I will pass on some of the discoveries I have made through my own practice about the essential principles we need to apply in our lives if we are to participate in the ‘bigger picture’ of life on earth.

This is a two-day residential workshop at Congress Hotel Majvik, an excellent venue in wooded grounds on the shore near Espoo.


Majvik Majvik Shore


Kongressihotelli Majvik, Majvikintie 1, 02401 Kirkkonummi
25 kilometres west of downtown Helsinki via Ring Road III.
The train station at Masala is a 20 minute walk away.

Teaching will be in English. There will chi gung classes of up to two hours, some individual instruction, relaxation periods and talks. It may be possible to arrange translation for the talks if requested in advance.

There are a few non-residential places for people who live nearby. But note that all participants have to be available for the full course.  Registration is 9.15-9.45 on Saturday and we will not finish until 18.00 Sunday. There may be an evening session or talk on Saturday evening and there will be a session before breakfast on Sunday morning. Wear loose clothing and soft flat shoes.  As Majvik is in such a lovely setting it’s likely we will be working outdoors for one or more sessions.  

The cost is €285 per person which includes course fees, meals and an overnight stay in a double room.
 – Add €20 for a single room.
 – Deduct €60 for non-resident rate (limited number of places).
 – Deduct €20 for early booking (before July 1).
Non-returnable deposit: €80 before June 30; €100 afterwards.
Remainder to be paid to Congress Hotel Majvik on arrival.
Deposits required to secure booking and refunded only if the event is cancelled.

Enquiries, bookings and deposits to Iina Penannen:
045 678 1303

Booking opens May 15. Cut-off date for early booking discount:
July 1.


31 August - 2 September : Residential Course

Learn Dragon and Tiger Chi Gung : Connect with Change


Dragon And Tiger is a form of medical chi gung introduced to the West by the American Chi Gung Master Bruce Frantzis. Its seven movements stimulate the passage of chi in specific ways through the legs, arms and torso to disperse stagnant energy and free blockages and tensions.  Long-term practice develops flexibility and  agility - Dragon chi - combined with the grounded presence and power of Tiger energy.

I teach Dragon and Tiger after shibashi because you will benefit more from it if you already know what it is to raise your own chi. With Dragon and Tiger we can more consciously use the chi for self-healing.

This is a three-day course and continues the series of events held at the Sopukka Centre over the last three years.  Over that time we have investigated the two hemispheres of being, the three phases of energy, the five dynamics of consciousness and the eight energetic impulses of nature. The background to this has been an exploration of the way intelligence enters matter to generate consciousness; and I have touched on the way that our perception of change is vital to this process. All this has unfolded as we went along. It seems likely now that we can make a more profound connection with change, with what is changing at any time.  It is not hard to predict that humanity will soon be driven to adapt to the changes that are coming to the earth. Can we change ourselves consciously? Can we somehow facilitate a beneficial mutation of the human brain? Is it possible for there to be a collective change in the human condition?

This residential course will again be held at the Sopukka Centre.

 Koulutuskeskus Sopukka, Uusi Porvoontie 482,
 01120 Västerskog. 23 kms east of Helsinki and
 half an hour’s drive from Vantaa Airport.

Numbers at Sopukka are limited to 22 people and priority in booking will be given to people who have attended the previous Sopukka sessions. In any case it is essential that you already practise Shibashi taichi on a regular basis.
The cost is €330 per person which includes course fees, meals and two nights (shared room).
 – Add €20 for a single room.
 – No non-resident rate.
 – Deduct €20 for early booking (before July 1).
 – Deduct €20 if also booking to attend Majvik Weekend Workshop.
Non-returnable deposit: €50 before June 30; €80 afterwards.
Remainder to be charged at Sopukka Centre.
Deposits required to secure booking and refunded only if the event is cancelled.

Enquiries, bookings and deposits to Iina Penannen:
045 678 1303

Soppuka Forest Clive Tempest

November 24 :  More Chi
Follow-up day workshop at Majvik
Majvik Congress Hotel, Kirkkonummi, Finland. 
For people who have learned shibashi taichi with
Clive Tempest.
A chance to develop your practice and your perception of chi.
There will be correction of the movements, plus other exercises and teachings to increase your connection to vitality and wellbeing.
Registration 9.30.  Closing at 18.00. 
Refreshments and lunch included.
Non-refundable deposit payable with booking €75
plus €52 payable on the day to Majvik Hotel

November 23, 25, 26  Private Sessions
In Helsinki and Tampere.
Individual work for personal healing and self-knowledge.
€70  Limited number of places/times available.
Book well in advance.

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