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These recordings examine what it is to live less psychologically and more consciously. They guide you in making the often challenging transition.

Please note that the recordings marked [B] were made at retreats or events and can also be purchased within bundles in the category Retreats, Workshops & Classes.


The Course in Conscious Living

The End of Rationality This talk concluded an examination of rationality and its limitations for the evolution of consciousness. Why is there no improvement in the human condition, despite the advance of our civilisation? Can you reconcile yourself to a non-rational, more magical perception of life? Recorded at The Friends Meeting House, Taunton on 11 December 2016.
162 minutes. 10

Standing Your Ground The last talk in the course. A summary of the main points and advice on how to resist the pull into the past and the future at The Friends Meeting House, Taunton on 16 July 2017.
160 minutes. 10


Living Consciously: Alone and Together

The purpose in being alone. How can we be in relationships and partnerships without losing our individuality? Recorded at the Pitsku Culture Church, Helsinki, Friday evening 26 February 2016.
159 mins. 10


The Practice of Living More Consciously

As It Happens 1: Acceptance Facing up to self-centredness and the roots of the psychological life. Freeing yourself by accepting all you have been. An afternoon talk at The Friends Meeting House, Taunton on 24 September 2017.
135 minutes. 10

As It Happens 2: Allowing Change and the willingness to embrace it. Including meditations on being more spacious. An afternoon talk at The Friends Meeting House, Taunton on 26 November 2017.
155 minutes. 10


The Nynehead Court Workshops: The Blessing Chi

Recorded over two weekends at Nynehead Court, Somerset, 1415 April and 2627 May 2018.

Nynehead Talk One: Your Truth and Your Purpose Is there any objective truth? Are you living with an idea that is not your truth?
153 minutes. 10 [B]

Nynehead Talk Two: The Blessing and the Glory Why do we get negative and unhappy about our lives? How can we give up the attitudes we hold about ourselves? We use the blessing chi to reconnect with the radiance of life.
154 minutes. 10 [B]


Life with Purpose

Living a more conscious life means knowing your purpose at any time. If you get anxious or distressed, you've lost your purpose. How do you regain it? And how do you stop being subconsciously drawn back into the anxiety? In a time of great change, with our civilisation under threat, are we willing to fundamentally change ourselves?

'The two keys to living a more conscious life are first to know our purpose and secondly to recognise when there's been a change in the situation or ourselves.'

Two Talks in Finland: Recorded in Helsinki Sunday 21 July and Tampere on Saturday 27 July 2019. Details of the events here.

Life with Purpose: One 144 minutes. 10

Life with Purpose: Two 157 minutes. 10


Talks at Buckland Hall

Six talks recorded during five days in a large mansion in the Brecon Beacons of Wales, April 28 to May 2 2019.
- Strategies and tactics for living more consciously.
- The impediments of familiarity and wilfulness and how to overcome them.
- An exploration of space: inner, outer, time-space and the shared space of love.

Buckland Hall Talk One 41 minutes. 10 [B]

Buckland Hall Talk Two 71 minutes. 10 [B]

Buckland Hall Talk Three 60 minutes. 10 [B]

Buckland Hall Talk Four 104 minutes. 10 [B]

Buckland Hall Talk Five 78 minutes. 10 [B]

Buckland Hall Talk Six 106 minutes. 10 [B]


The Course in Conscious Living: An Overview

Recorded at the Sopukka Centre near Helsinki, Finland, March 16-18 2018. This is an overview of the Course in Conscious Living as it had developed over the previous three years - how to escape from the troublesome psychological life, engage more consciously with 'the real you' and see your life in the bigger picture of life's purpose. The Course helps you transcend the main features of the psychological life enough to become a True Individual. There are eight mp3s bundled in this set of recordings, running for between 50 and 128 mins - 11 hours of material in all. Whether you listen to them in real time over one weekend or dip into them a bit at a time, there is a mass of content here that will bear repeated listening. Read more about the original Course here.
75 for eight mp3s




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