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Clive Tempest maintains that we have been leading an increasingly psychological life for the last five or six hundred years and have now reached a point where our brains are stuffed with almost incessant thinking and continuous reference to ourselves, our needs and desires. He says we are approaching the end of this psychological era and explains why this is and what you can do to free yourself of the psychological habits that disturb and depress you.

Please note that the recordings marked [B] were made at retreats or events and can also be purchased within bundles in the category Retreats, Workshops & Classes.


The End of the Psychological Life

Facing Reservations An evening talk at Pitsku Culture Church, Helsinki on 20 November 2015.
160 minutes. 10

Confronting Dread A Sunday afternoon talk at Pitsku Culture Church, Helsinki on 22 November 2015. Why we are scared of going into the dark, the black? What strategies can we use to overcome insecurity?
195 minutes. 10


Fireside Talks at Smokeham Farm

Three evening talks recorded at Smokeham Farm during an Autumn Retreat in the Quantock Hills of Somerset 15-19 October 2018. Concerning the tension of living, the reduction of stress and the commonly-held but secret belief that 'there is something wrong with me'; and much more besides.

Fireside Talk One 110 minutes. 10 [B]

Fireside Talk Two 111 minutes. 10 [B]

Fireside Talk Three 130 minutes. 10 [B]



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