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Crowcombe Court Winter Retreat 2018

The Perception of Chi : The Connection

Crowcombe Court, The Quantocks, Somerset, UK
Weekend Workshop 3 4 February 2018

Two winter days in the grand setting of a Georgian mansion in lovely grounds at the foot of the Quantock hills. You can come as a day visitor or you can stay from Friday to Monday either in the South Wing apartments or in one of the luxurious suites in the main house.

There will be chi gung and nei gung exercises, talks and dialogues to develop a finer perception of chi and use it to integrate the physical and the psychic in you. The purpose of making a conscious connection with your own chi is to overcome the psychological factors that cause you to feel alienated from others, separated or divided in yourself. Through perceiving the field of chi that you inhabit, you discover your sixth sense. You make the connection to the true individual that you are and then consciously connect with the presence and love of others.

The first stage in developing the perception of chi is identifying it in your own body and in your energetic field. The second stage comes with the realisation that you're not just perceiving chi but it is the chi that is doing the perceiving. Finally, the connection is made between your chi and universal chi, your inner space and outer space.


Saturday 9.30am 9.30pm
Registration 9.30 10am
Chi gung practice in the Great Hall, talk in the Ballroom, buffet lunch, afternoon meditation and talk, supper in the Dining Room, after dinner talk.

Sunday 10.30am 5.30pm
Chi gung practice and exercises to develop the perception of chi. Lunch, talk and afternoon tea.

On Sunday evening the bar in the Vaulted Undercroft will be open for those who wish spend the evening relaxing at Crowcombe Court. Family, friends and guests are welcome to join the group by invitation. International musicians Nils Kercher and Kira Kaipainen will be performing during the evening. Their latest video is here.


Cost of the weekend workshop, including two lunches, dinner Saturday evening and refreshments 195 (175 before 15 December 2017).

Residential bed and breakfast option add 100 per person for three nights in a shared apartment OR 187.50 per person sharing a kingsize ensuite bedchamber in the main house OR 375 per room single occupancy.

Please book as early as possible using the form below. You get the earlybird price if you pay a non-refundable deposit of 75 per person before 17 December 2017. The balance of all payments to be made by 15 January.

Those travelling from Helsinki on the flights we recommend will be provided with group transport from the airport.

Crowcombe Court Winter Retreat 2018

This event is now fully booked. There is a waiting list for cancellations.


Please submit one form per person to reserve a place:



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Please select a residential option if required.
Staying Friday to Monday morning, three nights including breakfast.

In the main house

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Sharing room with (if applicable):



Vegetarian plus fish for Saturday dinner

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Please read the following fitness declaration & disclaimer and check the box below to register for this course

Chi Gung exercise is suitable for almost everyone but if you have a condition that has required medical attention in the last year or are pregnant, are taking any long-term medication or have any current health concerns, it is your responsibility to inform the instructor. Remember to work within your physical limitations and observe the '70% rule' (do about 30% less than you think you can achieve). Your participation in chi gung practice, meditation, healing and 'conscious connections' work with Clive Tempest will be construed as an agreement that your health, wellbeing and fitness are your personal responsibility. By checking the box below you confirm that you have read the above statements and understand that Clive Tempest disclaims any liability for loss in connection with the practices taught or the conduct of the event and that participation is at your own risk, decision and discretion.


Your booking will be acknowedged by email from Amelia who will send you directions to Crowcombe Court and payment details.

Crowcombe Court Winter Retreat 2018

Crowcombe Court Winter Retreat 2018


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