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The Annual Chi Gathering is an opportunity for me to gather up some of the themes I have been working with over the last year. Meanwhile over the five days your chi can gather in you.

When I was in Finland in February [2016] we were investigating the gua of fire chi and using mountain energy to contain it. I may have said then that I would go on to look at other gua at Labbnäs, and possibly do more with the I Ching . . . We may or may not, depending on how things go.

A couple of years ago we worked at Labbnäs with the chi of the lake and last year, in the barn in a rainstorm, I recall using the streaming energy of descending water. That leaves the energy of the wind (it often blows hard across the lake, so that's likely to show up) and thunder (which we have also encountered on previous workshops).

What I have been developing with the classes here in Somerset in recent months is a finer perception of yin and yang that means going further into certain aspects of earth energy and solar chi or the gua of Above and Below. In the work here we have also been using a lot of standing chi gung and I am encouraging more awareness of the importance of opening and closing the palms in all chi gung sets. I am likely to take that further with you, as well as using elements of Shibashi 1, Dragon and Tiger and Taichi 15.

As the work moves on, so the perception of chi must become finer and more real to you. The aim of this year's Chi Gathering is therefore to refine, simplify and sharpen your perception of chi. You might ask, why? To what purpose? And the answer, as you have heard from me before in various ways, is to enable a more effective and conscious connection between the guiding intelligence in you and your body intelligence; to penetrate through the membrane of your psychological life; to expose you to a more real and conscious way of being, so that when you are ready for change, you can change whatever holds you back from being more fulfilled, from knowing more love.

The more aware you are of the chi in you and around you, the less you can hold on to any fixation, such as an idea about yourself. And the more possible it is to dissolve into nothing but being and doing.

But then we have to live in this world, and find more effective ways of strengthening ourselves against the tide of the human condition. In my talks recently (and I guess I will be doing just as much talking as usual, or more, so be warned) the theme has been the emergence of what I call the True Individual and I have been directing people's attention to that next stage in the evolution of consciousness and to what is still holding us back.

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