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Nynehead Court Workshops 2018

The Blessing Chi

Two Weekend Workshops at Nynehead Court, near Wellington, Somerset, UK
April 14-15 & May 26-27 2018

Wouldn't it be a blessing to be able to free yourself from your psychological life, and all its associated stress, instantly and at any moment? Through a conscious connection with your chi you can receive its blessing - a gift to your body from your intelligence. This 'Blessing' will be developed as a practice to help you every day in living more consciously.

These two workshops follow on from 'The Perception of Chi' (see previous programme). They take place in the Orangery and in the lovely gardens and grounds of Nynehead Court, near Wellington in Somerset. Come to both weekends to get the full benefit, but if you don't come in April you can still come in May. On the Saturday morning there will be chi gung exercises outdoors (weather permitting). In the afternoon there will be meditative neigung practice preparing you to invoke your own 'blessing chi'. A light vegetarian buffet lunch and teas will be provided. On the Sunday there will be a talk on the practice of living more consciously and how to use the blessing chi to gain more psychological freedom.

Saturday 10-17.30 / Sunday 14.15-17.30
Saturday 55 / Sunday 10.
Both days on both weekends, booked together before 31 March: 110.
Advance booking essential. The number of participants on Saturdays is limited. It is possible to attend only on Saturdays or only on Sundays.

Book your place using the form below.
Booking for this event is now closed.

Nynehead Workshop 2018


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Saturday 14 April
Sunday 15 April
Saturday 26 May
Sunday 27 May

A light buffet lunch (vegetarian) is provided. Do you have any special dietary requirements?

Do you need advice about local overnight accommodation?

Are you booking and paying for both workshop weekends before March 31 (Easter)?

Please read the following fitness declaration & disclaimer and check the box below to register for this course

Chi Gung exercise is suitable for almost everyone but if you have a condition that has required medical attention in the last year or are pregnant, are taking any long-term medication or have any current health concerns, it is your responsibility to inform the instructor. Remember to work within your physical limitations and observe the '70% rule' (do about 30% less than you think you can achieve). Your participation in chi gung practice, meditation, healing and 'conscious connections' work with Clive Tempest will be construed as an agreement that your health, wellbeing and fitness are your personal responsibility. By checking the box below you confirm that you have read the above statements and understand that Clive Tempest disclaims any liability for loss in connection with the practices taught or the conduct of the event and that participation is at your own risk, decision and discretion.

Your booking will be acknowedged by email from Amelia who will send you directions to Nynehead Court and payment details.

Booking for this event is now closed.


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