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25-26 February 2017, The Sopukka Residential Centre, Finland
The Course in Conscious Living, Spring 2017, Taunton, England

Our individual existence is increasingly fragmented while our civilisation becomes ever more global. The next step is to defragment our perception so we can be more at one with reality.

Why do we distract ourselves with half-truths? How is it we look into the complexity of the world without the ability to see the bigger picture? Why when we're looking for the truth of this existence do we only find it in fragments?

Do you think you can pick and choose the truths that suit you? That's how the truth becomes a half-truth, only relatively true.

Why do you go on YouTube (if you do) browsing for scraps of knowledge? There is some truth there, spoken in many voices. But why doesn't it resonate in you so deeply that you make it your own and never go searching again? Why be drawn into other-worldly visions or hope for humanity in a future time or in a mysterious space or in the legacy of long-decayed civilisations? Why the thirst for 'non-duality'? Why soak up all the smiling words if you're going to go on thinking your self-centred thoughts?

We live in a civilisation collapsing under the weight of its own complexity. Our brains are fragmented. It's time to optimise all our resources, defragment our perception and grasp the reality of the truth. The truth is comprehensive, coherent, unifying. The truth serves us by being 'one thing' – the one thing that is true in all circumstances.

For us to be 'one thing', and serve humanity and intelligence, we have to be a real presence in existence, facing the actuality of our individual lives. There is no escape from this truth. It will confront you in challenging situations. It is delivered in the living human voice. Realise that there is only one intelligence, one love, that matters on this earth and only one time in which it matters. The future, and all other possible futures or pasts, are distractions. Meanwhile, let the birds sing. And let those who pretend to be other-worldly play their video games.

Shall you go on as a fragmented being? Do you want to give over your living power as a real man or woman to the robotic manipulations of a human condition preoccupied with its fate?

Life in this existence is only half the truth. The next step for humanity is to give up living a half-life. The next step for you is to give up your half-truths, whatever they are. What for example do you think is true about you, but which is evidently not the truth?

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